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About the Centre For Innovation

In January 2012 the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) awarded £3.8m to establish the Centre for Innovation. This funding has enabled the consortium to procure High Performance Computing (HPC) resources for use across the consortium to advance the research aims of the consortium members and will support engagement with industry and universities within the region.
The regional (Tier 2) HPC systems hosted on behalf of the consortium are located at two technical hubs:
  • Emerald, located at the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, is a large GPU system utilising 372 NVIDIA Tesla processors. EMERALD has a sustained capability of 114TF and on installation in March 2012 was one of the largest GPU based systems in Europe. EMERALD is hosted and operated by STFC’s e-Science department in a strategic partnership with the ‘Consortium. For further technical information visit the Emerald 'Getting started' page.
  • IRIDIS is hosted and operated by the University of Southampton and is a 12,000 core Intel Westmere based system giving a performance of circa 108TF. IRIDIS will provide the workhorse for capability/highly scaling work which cannot be accommodated on machines currently available at local consortium sites. For further technical information visit the Iridis 'Getting started' page.
The Centre for Innovation and the hardware capabilities provided through it will provide the foundation for future consortium activities between the partner institutions and with other 3rd parties.